Targeted Scenario Analysis: Sustainable cattle ranching in Chaco, Paraguay

Facing rapid rates of deforestation, the government of Paraguay has been working with the private sector to manage the expansion of cattle ranching in Chaco, a semi-arid region in the western part of the country with very low population density, to ensure that it does not come at the cost of valuable ecosystem services. In this context, CSF is developing economic analyses to inform current policies on potential trade-offs between forest conservation and the expansion of cattle ranching and opportunities to implement production systems with higher economic benefits.  CSF will work closely with cattle ranchers in the region to design production systems that conserve forests and wetlands and without compromising productivity losses in the industry. This TSA will also explore the market potential of selling more sustainable products globally.

The project is one of several UNDP Targeted Scenario Analyses (TSAs) being implemented by CSF. TSAs are designed to “capture and present the value of ecosystem services within decision making, to help make the business case for sustainable policy and investment choices.” (1)

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Photo: Cattle herd in Paraguay

Photo Credit: Jo Gerken/