About Conservation Strategy Fund

Our Mission

Conservation Strategy Fund protects natural ecosystems and improves human well-being through strategies powered by conservation economics.

About Us

CSF was founded in 1998 on the conviction that economics is a critical element for transforming conservation efforts around the world by revealing the true tradeoffs of development, demonstrating the values of nature, and generating financially viable environmental solutions. In those early days, we held one course per year, and focused our analytical work on dams and roads in the Amazon rainforest. Since then, our work has expanded to 30 countries, and encompasses themes ranging from fisheries management and sustainable agriculture to business planning and finance mechanisms.

Today, CSF is a global leader in advancing conservation solutions that embrace economics. Our timely and robust analyses have given policy makers and communities the information they need to make sound decisions for their people and the ecosystems on which they rely. We have demonstrated the value of protected areas, shown how to build energy and transportation infrastructure at lower cost with less environmental and social damage, and improved incentives for sustainable resource management. Over the last 20 years, we have influenced more than $21 billion in development investments, resulting in conservation of more than 50 million acres worldwide.

Our capacity-building program combines theory, innovation, and practical application, giving people the knowledge and tools to incorporate nature into economic progress while improving ecosystem health and human well-being. We serve audiences ranging from indigenous communities and local NGOs to national environmental ministries and multilateral development banks. Through our fellowship programs, we identify rising leaders in the conservation community and mentor them through an economic or policy analysis. We have built key leadership skills in more than 3,000 professionals from over 700 organizations, which has created an enormous ripple effect of positive environmental outcomes around the world.

CSF has staff in Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Peru, and the United States including our headquarters in Washington, DC. We also rely on our global network of consultants, instructors, alumni, and partners.