Roads Selection Logic

How the First Roads in the Filter Were Chosen

In order to select the initial roads to be analyzed by the Roads Filter, qualitative information regarding road proposals was gathered from each of five countries – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru . This information was mainly compiled through interviews with knowledgeable experts in each country. Several of the projects identified during this initial survey, however, were later discarded from the analysis for not meeting the following conditions:

a) The road construction or improvement process should be in the planning stage at the time the information was gathered (routes that were in their construction phase were not be considered).

b) The implementation cycle of the projects considered should not extend beyond December 31, 2015.

c) The project should be in the Amazon region.

Once the preliminary list of projects had been compiled based on these conditions, the process began for the collection of qualitative, quantitative, and geographical information of each of the roads and their areas of influence. This process resulted in discarding some of the roads initially selected for lack of information or for uncertainty on their status. In addition, the research process led to the inclusion of roads that were not identified during the first survey, but that did meet all the conditions.

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