Economic Tools for Integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into Transport Sector Investments

Location (address)
Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C.
Region & Country
3 days
Course Type
Institutional In-House Training
Specialized Short Format Training

A three day course for transport sector specialists. For more information about CSF's work with IDB, please read our blog post about the training series.  

Day 1

  • Economic foundations and models
  • Markets, competition and externalities
  • Ecosystem services and public goods

Day 2

  • Environmental valuation: overview of methods, examples
  • Direct and indirect impacts of road transport infrastructure
  • Environmental impact evaluation
  • Sustainable transport infrastructure

Day 3

  • Environmental valuation exercise
  • Cost benefit analysis: overview, perspectives, scenarios and alternatives, financial analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis: economic analysis, case study of inegrated analysis of road investments
  • Cost benefit analysis exercise and discussion of IDB projects