The Roads Filter is an analysis tool that ranks road projects depending on their level of economic, environmental, socio-political, and cultural risk. The overall risk of each project is assessed through an index built from 17 variables grouped into four categories and weighted according to their relative importance. In order to combine quantitative and qualitative variables in index form, variables are represented as a numerical value between 1-5, with 1 being the best (least risky) in terms of economic feasibility and low environmental, social and cultural impacts.
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In 2011, we applied the Roads Filter to 36 proposed roads in the region. The overall ranking of these roads is seen in the table below. Users can sort the roads by country, road or rank. Additionally, users can adjust the weights by creating a custom filter and modifying each rank according to preference.

What is riskWhat is rank
RiskRankRiskRankRiskRankRiskRankRisksort icon
ColombiaTransversal de la Macarena2.59233.14181.70141.0022.67
EcuadorCuenca - Macas2.35292.58283.8051.0022.53
EcuadorSucumbios - Orellana2.58242.78262.00131.0022.53
EcuadorCoca - La Belleza2.27302.63272.6091.0022.40
BoliviaPumasani - Pelechuco2.38282.37322.6091.0022.33