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Conservation Strategy Fund's applied research delivers objective, clear information for conservation decision-makers. Just as importantly, these studies are learning opportunities for our partners; CSF course graduates and others work side-by-side with us, gaining skills, confidence and the ability to do conservation economics work on their own in the future. Our studies are all freely available here and some are summarized in our Policy Brief series.

Valorácion económica de los recursos turísticos y pesqueros del Parque Nacional Coiba

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Carbon deposit-refund for forest roads

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The use of contingent valuation for evaluating protected areas in the developing world: Economic valuation of Morro do Diabo State Park, Atlantic Rainforest, São Paulo State (Brazil)

Valoración económica de recursos naturales en Áreas Protegidas de Bolivia/Economic Valuation of Natural Resources of Bolivian Protected Areas

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Conference Synthesis Note

This note summarizes the results of the meeting, “Economics and Conservation in the Tropics: A Strategic Dialogue,” held in San Francisco, January 31–February 1, 2008, and organized by the Conservation Strategy Fund, Resources for the Future, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. At the meeting, experts were asked to discuss the role of economic analysis as a tool to achieve conservation in developing countries. Ideas advanced can be grouped under three broad themes.