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Conservation Strategy Fund's applied research delivers objective, clear information for conservation decision-makers. Just as importantly, these studies are learning opportunities for our partners; CSF course graduates and others work side-by-side with us, gaining skills, confidence and the ability to do conservation economics work on their own in the future. Our studies are all freely available here and some are summarized in our Policy Brief series.

Financial Mechanisms for Environmental Compliance in Infrastructure Projects

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Closing the gap between parks and society through financial modeling

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How to make marine PES work

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Filtro de carreteras: identificando proyectos viales de alto riesgo en la cuenca amazónica

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Roads Filter: Identifying high-risk road development in the Amazon Basin

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Incentivos económicos para la conservación: Un marco conceptual

Esta publicación ha sido posible gracias a la Iniciativa para la Conservación en la Amazonía Andina (ICAA) de USAID.

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This publication was made possible thanks to the USAID Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA).

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Costos y beneficios del proyecto hidroeléctrico del río Inambari

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