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Conservation Strategy Fund's applied research delivers objective, clear information for conservation decision-makers. Just as importantly, these studies are learning opportunities for our partners; CSF course graduates and others work side-by-side with us, gaining skills, confidence and the ability to do conservation economics work on their own in the future. Our studies are all freely available here and some are summarized in our Policy Brief series.

Subsídios para a pecuária e a conservação da floresta: estimativas para o município de Humaitá, Amazonas

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Wild Amazon Chocolate in the Bolivian Market

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Cost-Effective conservation in Peru: The value of apples and oranges.

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Is Sugarcane a Sweet Deal for Sustainable Development?

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Factibilidad económica y financiera de la producción de caña de azúcar y derivados en el norte del departamento de La Paz

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Why Rebuild BR-319? Economics of an Amazon Road

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