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Examining park fees in Tanzania

Last year, CSF collaborated with Tanzania National Parks(TANAPA) on an analysis to help the country set its park entrance fees. The study looked at the relationship between expected visitation and entrance fee levels, and found that price sensitivity varies widely by park. The study’s recommendations considered these differences, as well as visitors’ perceptions about a range of issues related to fees, management decisions, and park conditions. Implementation of the study’s recommendations would generate a predicted 25% increase in revenues – providing much needed funds for park management – without negatively effecting visitation.

Tourists' Willingness to Pay to Visit Tanzania's National Parks: A Contingent Valuation Study

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Demand for visits to Tanzania's national parks

Tanzania’s system of 16 national parks includes some of the most famous natural places on earth such as Serengeti and Kilamanjaro, as well as many lesser-known areas that are equally spectacular. The park system is managed by Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), which funds activities solely through revenue generated from tourism; it does not receive any government funds. With tourism currently Tanzania’s second largest contributor to gross domestic product (GDP), effective management of the parks system is vital for both wildlife and the country’s economy.

Safari Economics: Making More of Tanzania's Megafauna

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Tanzania’s national parks teem with the big storybook animals: rhinoceroses, lions, elephants and hippopotami.  Only a few parks however, have historically teemed with visitors.

Parques Nacionais na Tanzânia

Em 2002 e 2003, a CSF conduziu um estudo econômico dos Parques Nacionais da Tanzânia, fornecendo bases para mudanças nas taxas de entrada dos parques. Este país no Leste Africano tem alguma das mais impressionantes vida selvagem e paisagens do mundo, com famosos parques como Serengeti, Kilimanjaro e Rio Gombe. A CSF trabalhou com o graduado Ezekiel Dembe da Agência de Parques Nacionais da Tanzânia (TANAPA) e outros membros do TANAPA para desenvolver uma estratégia focada no melhoramento da performance econômica dos parques, sem comprometer a proteção da natureza. A última meta do TANAPA é aumentar os lucros gerados pelo sistema de parques, o que iria justificar a criação de áreas adicionais de proteção.

Maximizing revenues and conservation in Tanzanian National Parks

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