Piensa Verde: Improving Participation and Awareness for Conservation in Bolivia

In 2020, Conservation Strategy Fund and its partners launched Piensa Verde: Bolivia’s first environmental financing platform where people from all sectors of the economy can learn about and support various conservation projects. By using financial and in-kind support to fund new and existing initiatives, Piensa Verde helps care for Bolivia’s natural spaces, protected areas, and wildlife. 

This platform is the result of a three-year planning process with the ultimate goal to increase community engagement and involvement with conservation and facilitate partnerships across the social, business, and environmental sectors. To learn more about the platform, our partners, and the initiatives Piensa Verde is supporting visit Piensa Verde’s website here

CSF’s role in this project and the planning process was made possible with support from Good Energies Foundation.

Photo: Wild Bush Dog
Photo credit: Ondrej Prosicky/ Shutterstock.com