Marine Fellowship Finalists Announced

Marine Fellowship Finalists Announced

CSF Marine Fellowship Program


CSF Indonesia would like to thank all the applicants to the Marine Fellowship Program (MFP). We received many excellent applications, and are proud to announce the 18 finalists whose project titles are listed below:

  1. Valuing MPAs in Indonesia: An Assessment of Public WTP for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism in the Coral Triangle area
  2. The calculation model of economic losses due to illegal fishing activities in the Indonesia territorial waters
  3. Distributional analysis of socio-economic benefits of coastal and marine resources use in Nusa Penida and Sendangbiru, Indonesia 
  4. Logistic regression model of system marine banking for coastal area development
  5. Identification and development strategy of alternative livelihoods in the Marine Protected Area in Depapre Bay, Jayapura Regency, Papua
  6. The socio-economic impact of the prohibition of trawl and seine nets in north coast of Java
  7. Determining the state non-tax revenue of tourism services based on ecological potency in national conservation area waters in Gili Matrea, NTB
  8. Compensation as sustainable financing strategy in community based Marine Protected Area (case study at Regional Marine Protected Area of Lingga Regency)
  9. Economic empowerment of glass eel fishermen through in-situ eel culture activities in the coast of Cimandiri Sukabumi, West Java
  10. Climate variability impact to sardine fisheries in Bali Strait and its economic consequences
  11. The impact of IUU fishing policy towards sustainable livelihood of traditional fishermen in Natuna Islands
  12. Technical approach on small fishing boat for anchovy fisheries management at Pulolampes, District of Brebes, Central Java
  13. Investment in obtaining information of unreported catch and FADs: preparation/compliance on traceability fisheries system 
  14. Linking biological, population and socio-economic assessments of climate-change impacts on fisheries: study case blue swimming crab (BSC, Portunus pelagicus) fishery at Salemo Island, Pangkep Regency
  15. Technical aspects of trammel net (jaring ciker) operations to small scale shrimp fishing in Pangandaran  Region
  16. Feasibility study on fishing gear alternatives: impact from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Regulation No.71/2016 in North Kalimantan (FMA 716-Sulawesi Sea)
  17. Design of Marine Conservation Area based on coral reef resilience and social-ecological systems using spatial system dynamics approach: case study of Pulo Pasi Gusung Marine Conservation Area at Selayar Regency, South of Sulawesi
  18. Bioeconomics of Indonesian southern bluefin tuna

If you see the title of your project listed, congratulations! You are now invited to present your proposal at the MFP workshop in Bogor on January 30-31, 2017. Revised proposals must be submitted by January 29. CSF Indonesia staff will contact each finalist directly in the coming days to discuss the details of the workshops and revision process.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal.

The MFP is a partnership between CSF and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science at Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK-IPB), and it made possible with support from Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.