En Conservación Estratégica (CSF) ayudamos a los conservacionistas locales a utilizar herramientas económicas para que encuentren soluciones inteligentes y eficientes a los problemas ambientales más urgentes. Desde la creación de CSF en 1998, hemos llevado a cabo numerosos proyectos de análisis en bosques, ríos y ambientes costeros. La mayor parte de nuestro trabajo se ha concentrado en los trópicos, donde los niveles de diversidad biológica son extraordinariamente altos. Para maximizar el alcance y la calidad de nuestro trabajo, incluimos en todos nuestros proyectos a expertos y organizaciones que se destacan en el campo de la conservación.

Feasibility Analysis for Conservation Agreements in Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Communal Lands Watersheds

CSF is evaluating the feasibility of conservation agreements to guarantee the protection of the Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Communal Lands watersheds in Bolivia. Through consultation workshops with various stakeholders, we will consider different financial mechanisms and make recommendations on the best model to be implemented in Pilón Lajas. If we find that conservation agreements are feasible in this area, we will seek to work on the final design and implementation.


The Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Communal Lands is located in northwest Bolivia, about 200 miles northeast of La Paz. The area is home to numerous indigenous communities, and its forests provide springs and reservoirs essential for water regulation and provision downstream throughout the region. Proper stewardship of the water sources is therefore essential.

Conservation agreements have demonstrated positive results in several other regions of Bolivia, where stakeholders are actively participating in financing mechanisms to protect water sources. The Tsimané Moseten Regional Council, responsible for the oversight and management of Pilón Lajas, approached CSF with an interest in using a similar mechanism, or designing a new one to address the particular characteristics of the reserve.

This project is supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.

Photo: River in Bolivia. 

Photo Credit: Watch the World/ Shutterstock