The Bahamas learns the value of ecotourism from Belize.

By investing in ecotourism, Belize has protected more than a third of it's total land area, as well as about 13 percent of it's marine area. As a world leader in conservation, CSF's Venetia Hargreaves-Allen believes the Bahamas could learn significantly from Belize's success. Formerly the principal investigator for the Marine Managed Area Economic Valuation in Belize with Conservation International, Hargreaves-Allen turned her focus to the Bahamas in a marine management study conducted in 2010. She recently presented her findings at a public meeting at the Bahamas National Trust. The study focuses on the 186-square mile Exuma Cays and Sea Park, and demonstrates "that healthy ecosystems are key to a sustainable economy, and protected areas are an important tool to maintain healthy ecosystems." Hargreaves-Allen believes conservation can benefit people, and has some concrete ideas on how this can be done.

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