Integrating landscape modeling into sustainable development planning in Sintang

Sintang sustainable development planning Indonesia

Sintarum waterfalls in Sintang. Photo credit: CSF

CSF-Indonesia is continuing to work with the government of Sintang to integrate sustainability principles into development planning. From January 15-18, we conducted a workshop on sustainable landscape modeling, building directly on the scenario planning workshop we held in October.

Indonesia Marine Fellowship Program - 2019

Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF), in partnership with the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK-IPB), is pleased to announce the launch of our second Marine Fellowship Program. We invite researchers, analysts, and practitioners to submit proposals for economic research projects related to fisheries management and marine conservation in Indonesia.


Economic Tools for Marine Conservation & Policy

Have you ever wondered how marine conservation can benefit local fishermen, coastal communities, or people in general? Have you ever considered the benefits of protecting coral reefs, seagrass, and mangroves ecosystems from a human perspective? At Conservation Strategy Fund, we know that understanding the economic costs and benefits of conservation is crucial to success in sustaining natural ecosystems.


Dampak sosial ekonomi kebijakan larangan pukat hela dan pukat tarik di pantai utara jawa

Economic consequences of climate variability on sardine fisheries in the Bali Strait

Fishers' welfare Natuna waters post IUU Fishing policy implementation

Perikanan Natuna dan kesejahteraan nelayan pasca penerapan kebijakan IUU Fishing

Calculation model of economic losses due to illegal fishing activities in Indonesian territorial waters

Investing in fisheries management: assessment of FADs and unreported catch

Investasi dalam pengelolaan perikanan: kajian rumpon dan penanganan ikan tak

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