Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Urban Planning in Mexico

CSF, in partnership with GIZ, is providing technical and political guidance on how to integrate ecosystem service values into urban planning to the city governments of León, Mérida and Morelia.

Nuevas publicaciones sobre áreas protegidas en México

Cabo Pulmo Sea Turtle Conservation Economics Valuation Ecosystem Services Mexico
Tortuga marina descansando en los arrecifes del Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo. Foto: Leonardo Gonzalez/Shutterstock.

Valoración de Servicios Ambientales del Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo

Valoración de Servicios Ambientales del Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo

Increasing the Sustainability of Mangrove Management

CSF collaborated with NatureServe and Pronatura Veracruz on a project for the Inter-American Development Bank to create a replicable model for mangrove ecosystem management. This model built on engagement of local communities using ecological condition assessment, economic valuation, and development of alternative livelihoods. The project focused on the Alvarado Lagoon System in Veracruz, Mexico, a RAMSAR-recognized wetland of global importance. CSF’s primary role in this project was leading the economics, with a focus on helping communities perceive and develop solutions to the market challenges they face in transitioning to sustainability.

CSF Alumni attend COP 13 in Mexico

COP 13 Cancun Mexico 2016 CSF Alumni

Ferdinand Mwapopi and Elisa López at the COP-13 in Cancún, Mexico. Photo credit: Elisa López

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