Conservation Strategy Fund helps local conservationists use economic tools to find smart, efficient solutions to the most urgent environmental problems. Since its creation in 1998, CSF has conducted dozens of analysis projects in forests, rivers and coastal environments. Most of our work has focused in the tropics, where extraordinarily high levels of biological diversity are found. To maximize the reach and quality of our work, we involve leading experts and conservation organizations in all of our projects.

Strengthening the participation of private sector and Bolivian society in conservation

With support from the Good Energies Foundation, CSF is working to create an innovative platform in Bolivia called CASA Verde, which aims to improve conservation by promoting greater participation and awareness among society.

The first step of this project was a feasibility assessment of the platform that was conducted in 2017. The study concluded that the implementation of CASA Verde is feasible given private sector interest in the platform. Several NGOs also want to be part of CASA Verde´s portfolio projects, and people have showed a positive willingness to contribute (monetarily) to the platform.

The main goal for 2018 is to officially launch the platform. The process will include a definition of the technical and financial structure, selection of appropriate fundraising mechanisms, design of procedures and manuals for the mechanism, promotion of the program among the relevant stakeholders, and the formalization of commitments with the private sector and strategic companies to sponsor the launch and dissemination campaign of CASA Verde.

The third year of this project will be devoted to appling mechanisms to collect monetary contributions and managing the platform.

CASA Verde is a unique and innovative project in Bolivia. We believe that it will significantly increase the level of involvement of society with conservation and facilitate the construction of socio-environmental alliances.

Photo: Wild Bush Dog.
Photo credit: Ondrej Prosicky.