Economic Tools for Natural Resource Conservation - California Department of Fish & Wildlife

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3 days
Course Type
Specialized Short Format Training

The three-day course was intensive and covered the fundamental concepts of microeconomics and natural resource economics, as well as ecosystem services and environmental valuation. CSF staff presented the results of the abalone fishery valuation analysis we conducted in partnership with CDFW, and participants practiced using all the material from the previous sessions in the final module: cost-benefit analysis (CBA). CSF’s signature blend of theoretical lectures from experts and hands-on exercises generated positive feedback from participants:

“Your coverage of the key concepts and methods is remarkably thorough, clear, and easy to follow.”

“The CBA training was incredibly valuable and will prove most useful.”

“The CBA training is applicable to many decisions, and I have a better idea of what data should be collected to inform decisions.”

“I would love to see this program available to elected officials.”