Reports & Publications

Conservation Strategy Fund's applied research delivers objective, clear information for conservation decision-makers. Just as importantly, these studies are learning opportunities for our partners; CSF course graduates and others work side-by-side with us, gaining skills, confidence and the ability to do conservation economics work on their own in the future. Our studies are all freely available here and some are summarized in our Policy Brief series.

Investing in fisheries management: assessment of FADs and unreported catch

Economic consequences of climate variability on sardine fisheries in the Bali Strait

Identifikasi dan strategi pembangunan mata pencaharian alternatif masyarakat lokal di calon kawasan konservasi perairan teluk Depapre, Kabupaten Jayapura, Papua

Calculation model of economic losses due to illegal fishing activities in Indonesian territorial waters

Dampak sosial ekonomi kebijakan larangan pukat hela dan pukat tarik di pantai utara jawa

Identification and development strategy of alternative livelihoods in the candidate marine protected area in Depapre Bay, Jayapura Regency, Papua

Perikanan Natuna dan kesejahteraan nelayan pasca penerapan kebijakan IUU Fishing

Investasi dalam pengelolaan perikanan: kajian rumpon dan penanganan ikan tak