CSF Fellows Research Update

As part of the ICAA fellows program, CSF held three methodological guidance workshops in November. The fellows traveled far and wide to visit each of their respective mentors and work on their final research profiles, which contain all of the definition methodology and data tools design collection. The workshops were held in Concepción, Chile, Bogota, Colombia and La Paz, Bolivia. In Chile, Karin Gonzales, Sophía Espinoza, Patricia Siles met with their mentor, Felipe Vásquez, who is a specialist in economic valuation of natural resources. In Bogota, Paula Zuluaga, Pablo David Campoverde, and Enrique de la Montaña Andrés met with Rocío Moreno, whose area of specialization focuses on game theory, economic valuation, and payments for environmental services. In La Paz, Viviana Zamora met with Alfonso Malky, who specializes in the opportunity costs of avoided deforestation. The fellows' research profiles are nearing conclusion. However, before beginning their field work, they are going to further hone their economic tool kit. Then, it's off to the field to begin collecting data! For more information on the fellows, their backgrounds, and the work they are doing, click here