CSF announces two senior-level positions

Two new exciting opportunities could give you the chance to be a part of the equation saving millions of acres worldwide.

The first, CSF's Strategy Director, is focused on identifying and seizing opportunities for the organization to pursue its mission at a greater scale and depth. The position is fundamentally focused on fundraising and the external environment, expanding CSF’s potential role in global conservation and raising the support needed to realize that potential. The Strategy Director will be responsible for communicating CSF’s accomplishments and capabilities to stakeholders that provide strategic opportunities for new programs and funding. To find out more about this position, click here.

The second, CSF's Program Director, will be in charge of making sure that the analyses conducted and mentored by CSF are relevant, of excellent quality and delivered to constituencies for maximum positive impact on conservation decision-making. This director provides leadership to CSF’s program staff and ensures that all program activities operate consistently and ethically within the mission and values of CSF. For more about this position, click here.