Economic Tools & Communication Strategies for Conservation

  • Ferramentas Econômicas
  • Segunda, 14 Agosto, 2017 - Sexta, 18 Agosto, 2017
  • 4 dias
  • Concluído

In August, CSF will provide a one-week training course to staff of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in São Paulo, Brazil. Our objective is to equip these conservation professionals with an understanding of basic economic concepts, key tools for financial & economic assessment of projects, and strategies for tailoring communication efforts to different audiences. We will provide tools to help TNC collaborate with stakeholders and influence policy decisions.

Day 1: Economic Fundamentals
Day 2: Economics & The Environment
Day 3: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Market & Non-Market Goods
Day 4: Cost-Benefit Analysis Case Study
Day 5: Strategic Communication Techniques

São Paulo, Brazil