Recommendations for a Sustainable Livestock Sector in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Region & Country

Conservation Strategy Fund and Conservation International are investigating the production systems of the livestock sector in the Ecuadorian Amazon to propose a transition to sustainable practices that would continue to support the region economically while reducing environmental harm. 

The livestock sector is one of the main drivers of deforestation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This practice, though dangerous to the rainforest, is an important source of financial freedom, and employs a substantial number of Ecuadorian households and indigenous communities. Agriculture accounts for nearly 10% of Ecuador’s GDP (World Bank Group), and any changes in this sector must account for this financial significance.

CSF is an expert in using economics to develop strategies for more sustainable business and agricultural practices will evaluate the value chains, key actors, transportation methods, and costs and benefits of this sector in Ecuador to provide research-based recommendations for more sustainable value chains.

As a part of this project, CSF and CI will identify the financial requirements necessary for any transition in the sector and will evaluate the most suitable financial instruments to achieve the transition.