Interoceanica Sur Road in Peru

Tropical forests of southeastern Peru hold the highest biodiversity levels in the world. This unique region is threatened by the construction of a paved road linking Brazil to Peruvian ports on the Pacific Ocean. CSF carried out a study to identify priority areas for conservation investments to mitigate the so-called "Interoceánica Sur" road's impacts. To do this, we analyzed the road’s effects on land-use profits, information we combined with data on the distribution of wild plant and animal species. The economic and biological data was overlaid to find where the greatest conservation gains can be achieved at least cost. Finally, we considered socio-political factors that might favor or restrict conservation.

We partnered with the Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo GRADE (Group for Development Analysis), a prestigious Peruvian economic analysis think tank, to implement the project. NatureServe also collaborated on this project, which was funded by the Blue Moon Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and USAID.

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