CSF Enters the Earth-Based Economy Coalition to Accelerate Sustainable Development in Indonesia

CSF Enters the Earth-Based Economy Coalition to Accelerate Sustainable Development in Indonesia

Indonesia is on the brink of a groundbreaking transformation in its economic landscape. The Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi (KEM) or Earth-Based Economy Coalition is spearheading a movement that aims to accelerate the growth of a sustainable investment ecosystem, one that not only highlights the nation’s rich local wisdom but also safeguards its precious forests and peatlands. This visionary coalition brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, spanning multiple sectors and nations, united by their commitment to achieving transformational change within the country.

KEM is composed of national and district governments, private associations, accelerators, incubators organizations, media outlets, development partners, and business practitioners. These stakeholders all recognize the urgent need to balance economic growth with local communities' environmental conservation and well-being.

KEM will support Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals and the country’s targeted CO2 emission reduction by 43.20% by 2030. KEM’s support will come in the form of sustainable investment. The coalition plans to mobilize at least $200 million in investment capital, channeling it towards over 100 environmentally and socially responsible businesses. Importantly, KEM emphasizes the preservation and promotion of local wisdom in its approach, ensuring that these investments are deeply connected to the 100 forest-rich areas and peatlands that are the backbone of Indonesia’s natural heritage.

As one of the core team members, CSF Indonesia plays a crucial role in the coalition’s advocacy team. With our expertise in capacity-building and economic tools, we are actively engaged in promoting the cause of sustainable investment within Indonesia’s economic development circles. This unique opportunity has provided us with an extensive network, encompassing key players such as the Traders Organization (APINDO), the Chambers of Commerce (KADIN), and over 100 jurisdictions and regions represented by the Development Planning Agency at the Sub-National Level (BAPPEDA).

Alongside this KEM initiative, CSF’s network and influence will expand, creating new avenues to advance our cause of promoting economic tools for nature and enhancing the impact of our work. 

This collaborative effort has the potential to transform not only Indonesia’s economic landscape but also set a global precedent for sustainable investment and environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned as we embrace the KEM movement and participate in this extraordinary journey toward a prosperous and sustainable future for Indonesia. Together, we can forge a path that harmonizes economic growth, social well-being, and environmental preservation.