Conservation Strategy Fund helps local conservationists use economic tools to find smart, efficient solutions to the most urgent environmental problems. Since its creation in 1998, CSF has conducted dozens of analysis projects in forests, rivers and coastal environments. Most of our work has focused in the tropics, where extraordinarily high levels of biological diversity are found. To maximize the reach and quality of our work, we involve leading experts and conservation organizations in all of our projects.

COMSERBO-Pando Program

After finishing two studies related to the Economic Incentives Program in Pando-Bolivia, COMSERBO-Pando, CSF is supporting the Government of Pando in developing instruments for establishing the program officially in government projects, while allowing seeking funds for its expansion.  

In this sense, CSF is supporting with technical assistance to the program. Two documents are being developed so far: 1) Concept Document of COMSERBO-Pando Program and 2) Program Registration Document. The first is aimed at establishing the guide program implementation in its next stage and will be useful in fundraising. The second is aimed to register the program as part of the projects implemented by the Government. This document will help to establish the program permanently in the medium term and to define the team to implement and consolidate the expansion of COMSERBO-Pando.

In addition, CSF helped develop a study to identify indicators for monitoring the program next years. This information will be used for establishing the mechanisms to measure compliance within the program.