New publications on artisanal fishing value chains of the Brazilian Amazon coast

CSF-Brazil is thrilled to share the following three publications on the value chains of shrimp and crab fisheries on the Brazilian Amazon coast, written in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

- "Piticaia and white shrimp in Maranhão state";
- "Regional Amazonian shrimp in Amapá state";
- "Uçá-crab and Regional Amazonian shrimp in Pará state".
(Publications in Portuguese)

CSF and UNESCO fisheries publications
The three publications on the value chains of shrimp and crab fisheries on the Brazilian Amazon coast. Photo credit: UNESCO.

These publications include information on the value chains' social, economic, environmental and productive contexts. Pedro Gasparinetti, CSF-Brazil Director, states that: "The information in these reports is important for the various actors involved in the value chains. It will enable them to plan better, by identifying the productive processes' bottlenecks and opportunities that need to be discussed and addressed by communities, government, and the private sector. For this reason, this type of “diagnosis” of the value chain is fundamental to direct investments -- whether public, private, or from supporting civil society institutions -- to strengthen fishing as a sustainable source of income, and to improve fisheries resource conservation and the quality of life for communities involved in the artisanal fisheries value chains."

Our study Mapping of the Value Chains of Artisanal Fisheries of the Brazilian Amazon Coast: current state and strengthening perspectives was conducted as part of the Sustainable Fisheries of the Brazilian Amazon Coast Project (PeSCA), - a partnership between the Vale Fund and UNESCO, in cooperation with the CSF-Brazil and the Mitsui Bossan Foundation of Brazil.

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