CSF launches new capacity building program

Knowledge of economic tools in conservation shouldn't just exist on an individual level. In order to make an even bigger impact on nature, CSF is taking its training to the institutional level this month with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Bolivia. WCS was selected by CSF for our first ever In-House Training, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Andes-Amazon Initiative (AAI). WCS saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, global conservation, education and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks.

The program will occur over the course of a year and will include the development of skills through research projects applied to the issues of infrastructure in the Amazon basin. Consulting will be provided by CSF both in-person and remotely. The outcome of this program is to generate technical capabilities in the management and interpretation of economic tools for the WCS-Bolivia team. They will conduct an economic analysis of the San Buenaventura-Ixiamas road in northern Bolivia and the opportunity cost of conserving adjecent forest. Results, expected in late 2013, will guide WCS' ongoing conservation work in the region, which includes the Madidi National Park.

If you are interested in an in-house training for your organization, please contact us for more information.