Building fences for monkeys

Proyecto Tití is a Colombian non-profit that integrates wildlife and forest preservation with education and community development. Proyecto Tití’s work centers around the cotton-top tamarin monkey, Colombia’s cutest, but most threatened, primate.

One of the many efforts that Proyecto Tití is engaged in is the “Tití Post Project,” which was developed to reduce the number of sapling trees cut by farmers to be made into fence posts, thus protecting the forest habitat for cotton-tops and other species. The “Tití Post” is made from recycled plastic from items collected in local communities. In addition to putting to use discarded plastic items, the project provides jobs, skilled training, and much needed income. Other successful programs include Eco-Mochilas, where members of the community crochet tote bags using recycled plastic bags.

Proyecto Tití's conservation efforts are currently facing a significant threat by a proposal from private investors wanting to build an international airport next to the forest they are trying to protect. Thanks to CSF’s friends and partners at the Wildlife Conservation Network, Proyecto Tití’s Director, Rosamira Guillen, is strengthening her skills in environmental economics while attending CSF’s Economic Tools for Conservation course this month. With these tools she hopes to gain some expertise in presenting well supported economic arguments to help highlight the importance of protecting this valuable species and it's forest habitat and putting a stop to the airport development.

To find out more about the cotton-top tamarin and how you can help, please visit Proyecto Tití at

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Economic Tools for Conservation - 2011 International Course