Wilson Cabral de Sousa Júnior

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Associate Professor, Aeronautical Technological Institute, São Paulo, Brazil

Wilson Cabral holds a Bachelor in Oceanology from the Federal University of Rio Grande, a Master in Remote Sensing from the National Institute of Space Research and a PhD in Economics from the State University of Campinas, and completed his PhD at the University of London. He conducted postdoctoral research with the Institute of Energy and Environment of the University of São Paulo and the Sustainability Research Center of the University of Sunshine Coast, in Australia. He currently is an Associate Professor at the Aeronautical Technological Institute, located in the city of São José dos Campos, in São Paulo state.He has experience in Water Resources Management and Environmental and Ecological Economics, working mainly with the following topics: hydrologic modeling, environmental and ecological modeling, economic tools for environmental management, environmental impact studies and economic and environmental analysis of infrastructure projects. He is the author of the book "Water Management in Brazil: Reflections, Diagnostics and Challenges", among others.