1 week valuation and analysis course

Valuation and Survey Design, 1-week Training Course

Schedule of Topics

  • Day 1: Review of Economic Valuation Methods
  • Day 2: Survey Design
    Introductory Questions
    Economic questions – travel cost, willingness to pay
    Demographic and sensitive questions
    Open ended vs. closed questions
  • Day 3a: Survey Design
    Sampling protocols
    Random samples
    Stratified Random Samples
    Sample Size
  • Day 3b: Handling Data
    Dummy variables
    Missing data vs. non-response
    Response rates
    Entering data
    Checking data
  • Day 4: Basic Statistics and Regression Methods
    What questions can you answer with statistics?
    Describe your results
    Means and Medians
    Ranges and Confidence Intervals
    Describe differences in Values
    Testing the Difference of Means
    How do other factors affect values? (A preview for Day 5)
  • Day 5: Basic Regression Methods
    Practice Analyzing Data, Interpreting Results
    Why Do a Regression?
    Lining up the data
    Dependent, Independent, Endogenous, and Collinear Variables
    Running a regression
    Interpreting the results