En Conservación Estratégica (CSF) ayudamos a los conservacionistas locales a utilizar herramientas económicas para que encuentren soluciones inteligentes y eficientes a los problemas ambientales más urgentes. Desde la creación de CSF en 1998, hemos llevado a cabo numerosos proyectos de análisis en bosques, ríos y ambientes costeros. La mayor parte de nuestro trabajo se ha concentrado en los trópicos, donde los niveles de diversidad biológica son extraordinariamente altos. Para maximizar el alcance y la calidad de nuestro trabajo, incluimos en todos nuestros proyectos a expertos y organizaciones que se destacan en el campo de la conservación.

Economic Opportunity Cost Model for the Amazon

Solving our global climate crisis hinges on doing a number of things right. One is slowing - eventually stopping - deforestation, which now accounts for 15-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To do that we need to know how much stopping deforestation costs and where on the Earth's vast tropical belt it can be done most cost-effectively. With the support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, CSF is designing an "opportunity cost" analysis method that will work at the level of individual farms and be scalable up to the level of entire regions.

Our goal is to enable local projects with a tool that can collect detailed data, and also to feed national and global cost models with better information. The model is being developed by CSF-Brasil staff, building on the experience of Bolivian research sponsored by CSF.

In the next phase of the project we will explore the use of hand-held digital data-collection devices to feed information instantly into an online database and return immediate results to the interview subject.