Jetty at Ntoroko - North Village Bundibugyo District

Oil exploration
Feasibility study: 
EIA : 
Economic/cost-benefit analysis: 
Name of development company or institution: 
Heritage Oil and Gas (U) Limited
Financing body: 
Heritage oil and Gas (U) Limited
Name of environmental and social standards applied to the project: 
National Environment Act Cap 153, Environment Impact Assessment Guidelines 1997, Environment Impact Assessment Regulations 1998, The National Environment Management Policy, The water Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act 2000, Land Act Cap 227, Road Act Cap 358, Protocol on Conservation of Common Natural Resources 1982, The Ramsar Convention on wetlands 1971, The Fish Act, The Public Health Act, The National Environment (Wetlands, River banks and Lake Shores management) Regulations 2000,
Protected area: 
Within a protected area
Name of protected area: 
Toro - Semliki Wildlife Reserve
Type of land-use: 
Location description: 
The project is in Explorarion Area 3A on the south eastern edge of Lake Albert in Ntoroko-North Village, Kanara Sub-county, Bundibugyo District. It neighbours the Uganda Wildlife authority rangers' Station, a National Agricultural Advisory Servces Poultry farm and is surrounded by Lake Albert. it is in Exploration Are 3A, within Toro- Semliki Wildlife Reserve under the management of UWA.

The project is part of the petroleum exploration in western Uganda and intended to facilitate a 2-D on/off shore Seisemic survey and well drilling in explorarion Area 3A. The jetty is proposed to provide a docking area for the marine vessel that will transport the drilling and seisemic survey equipment from Mbegu, hoima district to Ntoroko in Bundibugyo District.

The proposed development is to be undertaken within a wildlife reserve and part of the developments will be carried out over the Lake Albert which is a sensitive ecosystem. The impacts were analysed and assessed through an EIA and mitigation measures as well as monitoring plans proposed. It is estimated that the developments will cost $100,000USD.

The jetty will cover approximately 625square metres and employ 50 people sourced from Jinja and Kampala and local labour.

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