Jetty at Ntoroko North - Village

Map of Ntoroko, Western Region, Uganda
Name of development company or institution: 
heritage Oil and Gas (U) Limited
Name of environmental and social standards applied to the project: 
Environment Impact Assessment guidelines and Regulations
Type of land-use: 

The Jetty project is proposed as part of the ongoing petroleum exploration plans to conduct a 2-D seismic survey and well drilling in Exploration Area 3A. The jetty is proposed at the edge of Lake Albert in Ntoroko- North Village, Bundibugyo District, in order to provide a docking area for the marine vessel that will transport the drilling and seismic survey equipment from Mbegu, Hoima District to Ntoroko.

The project will involve stockpiling of sand and hard core, rock filling of steel cages, placing of geotextile on the lake bed, dregdging 50m x 50m lake bed, cutting back a cliff edge close at the jetty by 6m, cutting 100m of access road and relocating entrances to UWA camp and NAADs poultry farm. the project is expected to cost $100,000 USD.

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