ITI-I Exploration Well

Oil exploration
Feasibility study: 
EIA : 
Economic/cost-benefit analysis: 
Name of development company or institution: 
Neptune Petroleum (U) Ltd
Financing body: 
Neptune Petroleum (U) Ltd
Name of environmental and social standards applied to the project: 
The Constitution of Uganda 1995,The Environment Act, Cap. 153,The Water Act, Cap 152,,The Occuptional Saftey and Health Act, 2006,The Water (Waste Discharge)Regulation,1998),The National Environment (Waste Management ) Regulations 1999,The National Environement (Noise Standards and Control(Regulation, 2003,The Land Act, Cap 227,The Local Government's Act 1997,The Town and Country Planning Act, 1964,The Nationtional Forstry and Tree Planting Act, 2003,The Petroleum Supply Act, 2003,The Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 1998,The National Environment (Audit) Regulations, 2006,The National Waetland and River Banks and Lake Shores Management) Regulations, 2000
Type of land-use: 
Grazing land
location country: 
- None -