Extended Well testing for Waraga 1, Kigogole 1, 3 & 5

Map of Hoima, Western Region, Uganda
Oil exploration
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Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Ltd

Tullow made several oil discoveries in Uganda including; thin channel- shaped reservoirs in Kaiso-Tonya(Mputa/Waraga reservoirs), over-pressured oil in Ngassa2, and thicker amalgamated fluvial channel systems at Kasamene1 in the Butiaba area. The reservoirs have different dynamics with fluid properties such as viscosity and GOR, the oil generally has high wax content and varying oil gravity requiring different designs and for testing and assessment.

Extended well Testing is intended to enhance understanding of the sub-surface potential of the servior and facilitate drilling requirements for the tested fields.
Waraga was drilled and replanted with flora, Kigogole1 site adjourns with sambiye river and small seasonal sreams that feed Sambiye river. Almost all sites are characterized by Savannah, short grasslands, wooded grasslands, cultivated and occasional thickets.

The project is likely to impact people in 3 villages; Tonya for Waraga, Gotlyech for Kigogole 1&3, and Uriibo for Kigogole5. About 500 people reside in Gotlyech and the number in Uriibo is not ascertained.

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