A Conservação Estratégica apoia conservacionistas locais na utilização de ferramentas da economia que os permitam encontrar soluções inteligentes e eficientes para os problemas ambientais mais urgentes. Desde a sua criação, a CSF conduziu dezenas de estudos sobre ambientes florestais, fluviais e costeiros. A maior parte dos nossos projetos é focada nos Trópicos, pois estes apresentam níveis extraordinários de biodiversidade. Para maximizar a influência e a qualidade dos nossos estudos, nós envolvemos profissionais de renome e organizações conservacionistas em todos os projetos.

Pucallpa - Cruzeiro do Sul Road

The Initiative for Regional Infrastructure Integration (IIRSA) is a series of road and energy projects that aims to connect South American communities. In order to complete the current development of the Central Inter-Oceanic highway in the Amazon Hub, the building of the Pucallpa - Cruzeiro do Sul road is needed in both Peru and Brazil. The other sections already exist. However, some are still in the paving and rehabilitation process in both countries. This project would open a line that does not currently exist in an area whose biological and cultural diversity is unique, producing an increase in deforestation and forest degradation. This could result in loss of important environmental services and elements of biodiversity, as well as compromise protected areas and indigenous lands in both Peru and Brazil.

CSF is launching an economic evaluation to establish the viability of the road in economic, environmental and social development. To do this, CSF will first conduct a market study to establish the estimated demand for road traffic. This will include studying the characteristics of supply and demand of goods and services that people would be connected to by roads, as well as the economic activities would be encouraged by it. Based on the results that are obtained from the study of the estimate of expected traffic, CSF will conduct a financial and economic feasibility of the road, in which environmental externalities that potential risks of deforestation will be considered. Thus, the overall objectives of the analysis is to support decision making on the Central Inter-Oceanic highway, and provide the public with information that may lead to a positive decision and support from various sectors of society.

This project is being funding by the Gorden and Betty Moore Foundation.