Oil and Gas exploration drilling at Kasemene 2

Oil and Gas exploration drilling at Kasemene 2

Economic/cost-benefit analysis
Name of development company or institution
Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Limited
Type of land-use
Farm land
Grazing land
Location description
Kasemene -2 drill site is located in Bikongoro Village, Kigwera Parish, Buliisa Sub-county, Buliisa District. The site is about 800m from Kasemene -1 drill site, within a community area and the main land use is subsistence agriculture and livestock keeping.
Potential loss of access to water quality
location country

Kasemene - 2 drilling activities will be conducted using a light medium rig (150 ton truck mounted IRI - 750).
Majot infrastructure will consist of a rig pad and drilling operations related infrastructure, including drilling fluid system, power generators, drilling machinery storage yard, water storage tanks, waste disposal pits, water treatment pits, storm water drainage, office space and a parking yard.

The area is characterised with wooded grassland, thickets and bushes and a total of 113 plant species were recorded in a radius of 1 km. No large mammals were recorded save for smaller mammals mostly rats and none belong to the IUCN list of threatened species.

Kasemene - 2 is in a community area where agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the communities. The crops grown include cassava, cotton, maize and fruits.Livestock grazing is the main activity undertaken at the drill site.

There was no homestead within a radius of 300m from the drill site although evidence of previous settlements, burial grounds and a cultural site were found at the site and these were relocated in agreement with landowners.

The project will require a total land take of 200m X200m for the drill site and access road, up to 200 local personnel will be engaged to provide casual labour, road access will be improved in the area as well as improved communication and social service provision to the local communities.

However, the project is likely to pollute water and air, cause noise pollution, lead to vegetation loss, cause accidents, cause soil erosion and increase pressure on social services due to immigrant populations seeking job opportunities.