Randy Curtis

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Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy, Washington, DC, USA

Randy was born in Washington DC in 1950 and raised in Greece, Vietnam, Algeria, Paris and Washington, DC. He attended Bowdoin and Thunderbird where he focused on African political modernization and economic development in Latin America. College summers included home construction, attending Woodstock and teaching English and Spanish in Cameroon, West Africa. He also co-founded a statewide community land trust and a low-income housing initiative in Maine from 72 to 76 and worked for a low income micro-credit organization in Costa Rica for 2 years and then a Nebraska-based irrigation company targeting Spain and Africa from 80 to 82. From 83 to 86 he helped start a grain shipping company focusing on famine relief using a new technology of destination bagging equipment at the arrival ports saving significant time and shipping costs. Randy joined The Nature Conservancy in 1987 where he has worked on conservation finance measures including debt for nature swaps, conservation trust funds, GEF replenishments, bilateral grants from USAID and others and MDB funding from the World Bank, the IDB and the ADB. He actually loves family reunions, sailing, podcasts while walking the dog, reading and all types of music.