At least one input in this analysis appears to be unrealistic. Internal Rates of Return should be between -5% and 25%. The IRR of this analysis is 96%. Check the units and currencies for errors.

sierra nevada de santa marta, magdalena, Colombia

River: Magdalena

Status: In Operation

5 hectares per MW

12 people per MW

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Net Present Value1,499 billion COP
NPV including net greenhouse gas emissions1,507 billion COP
Internal Rate of Return96.3% (unrealistic)
Hectares flooded per MW5 hectares per MW
Gross CO₂ equivalent emissions6,104 thousand metric tonnes
Gross CO₂ equivalent per MW14,533 metric tonnes per MW
Hectares flooded per MW5 hectares per MW
People displaced per megawatt12 people per MW

Inputs and assumptions

People displaced5,000 people displaced
Area flooded2,000 hectares
Vegetation type or land coverAmericas; Tropical Rainforest; Forest, Cropland Mosaic; Non-Frontier - 96.5
Carbon density96.50 tC/ha
Installed capacity 420 MW
Capacity used80%
Construction time5 years
Construction cost43,000,000,000 COP
Transmission infrastructure cost9,000,000,000 COP
Wholesale price of energy100,000 COP
Economic discount rate12%