Fatima, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

River: Palada

Status: Proposed project

0 hectares per MW

0 people per MW

Map of Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
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Net Present Value2,666 thousand USD
NPV including net greenhouse gas emissions3,875 thousand USD
Internal Rate of Return13.0%
Cost per MWh excluding environmental costs46 USD per MWh
Hectares flooded per MW0 hectares per MW
Gross CO₂ equivalent emissions2,904 metric tonnes
Gross CO₂ equivalent per MW142 metric tonnes per MW
Hectares flooded per MW0 hectares per MW
People displaced per megawatt0 people per MW

Inputs and assumptions

People displaced0 people displaced
Area flooded1 hectare
Carbon density87 tC/ha
Installed capacity 20.5 MW
Capacity used70%
Construction time2 years
Construction cost27,790,000 USD
Transmission infrastructure cost5,000,000 USD
Wholesale price of energy45 USD
Economic discount rate12%