Welcome to CSF’s collection of video lessons. We’ve created these for people who want to learn - or review - the basic economics of conservation. Want to know why environmental problems happen? How to value things in the natural environment? The essentials of fisheries and forestry economics? Step-by-step instructions on cost-benefit analysis? These are the first areas we’re producing. We’re launching the series as part of our Conservation Economics Initiative and will be adding videos regularly, so check back on this space or subscribe to our YouTube channel. These videos were made possible thanks to the support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation and Jon Mellberg and family. If you haven’t taken a CSF course in person and want to find out more, please visit our Training page.

Current sections:

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Cost-Benefit Analysis
Fisheries Economics & Policy
Forestry Economics
Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Intro to Valuation

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Classes of Values

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Market Based Valuation Approach

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Replacement Cost Method

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Avoided Cost Method

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Travel Cost Method

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Hedonic Pricing Method

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Contingent Valuation

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Choice Experiments

Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Benefits Transfer

Public vs. Private Goods

Intro to Forestry Economics

Forestry Economics: Optimal Rotation Age (Part 1)

Forestry Economics: Optimal Rotation Age (Part 2)

Forestry Economics: Ecosystem Services and Optimal Rotation Age

Forestry Economics: Forest Policy

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Intro to Fisheries Management

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Maximum Economic Yield

Fisheries Economics & Policy: A Closer Look at Fisheries

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Subsidies and Taxes

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Individual and Transferable Quotas

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Marine Protected Areas

Fisheries Economics & Policy: Territorial Use Rights Fisheries

Intro to Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Scenarios

Cost-Benefit Perspectives

Cost-Benefit Real vs Nom

Cost-Benefit Discounting

Cost-Benefit Time Horizons

Cost-Benefit Net Present Value

Cost-Benefit Internal Rate of Return

Benefit Cost Ratio and Payback

Cost-Benefit Parameters for a Financial Analysis

Cash Flows for a Financial Analysis

Conducting an Economic Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Risk Analysis