Conservation Strategy Fund helps local conservationists use economic tools to find smart, efficient solutions to the most urgent environmental problems. Since its creation in 1998, CSF has conducted dozens of analysis projects in forests, rivers and coastal environments. Most of our work has focused in the tropics, where extraordinarily high levels of biological diversity are found. To maximize the reach and quality of our work, we involve leading experts and conservation organizations in all of our projects.

Economic instruments for ecosystem services conservation in mangroves located in federal protected areas

In 2015, CSF started a project within the scope of GEF Mangroves Program, in collaboration with FUNBIO (Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity) regarding the management of mangroves ecosystem services.

Around 90% of mangrove ecosystems in Brazil are located in protected areas. However, there are important deficiencies in terms of financial sustainability and resource management in these areas that affect natural capital stocks and biodiversity.

Therefore, we seek to study how different economic instrument designs may influence ecosystem services provision in mangroves. In order to do that we will:

1) Identify and prioritize ecosystem services provided by mangroves;
2) Assess the main ecosystem services values provided by mangroves in Brazil;
3) Review the economic instruments used for mangroves management;
4) Select a financial mechanism to promote the sustainable use of mangroves resources and propose an implementation plan.

The case study will focus on the main ecosystem services, and their values, provided by mangroves located in the Salgado Paraense area, Pará State, in the northern region of Brazil. This area has several protected areas, which are occupied by traditional communities. There are different income activities that rely on local resources, such as small-scale fishing, crab catching and agriculture.

We expect to contribute to the discussion on ways to improve the configuration of the chosen economic instrument. With this, we hope to promote better incentives for mangroves conservation and sustainable use in protected areas.

This project is being funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF), in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through FUNBIO.

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Photo credit: Camila Jericó-Daminello.