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Case studies for the development of environmental compensation in Peru

Peru compensation publications

As part of our collaboration with the Environmental Ministry in Peru (MINAM), CSF has finished a series of papers on environmental compensation (biodiversity offsets). We explored 4 infrastructure and extractive projects in Madre de Dios and Loreto, and analyzed how to offset their residual impacts. This work supports MINAM’s development and implementation of technical compensation guidelines, while also generating evidence about methods for designing environmental compensation plans.

Peru's protected areas and their multiplier effect on tourism

Photo for Tourism Multiplier Story
Interviewers Milagros Estrada and Luis Bernal, Huancaya, Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve. Photo: Annie Escobedo.

Presenting results of the Economic Feasibility Study of RECABAAM: Supporting sustainable business practices in Amazonas State, Brazil

In August 2017, CSF-Brazil presented our results from the economic feasibility study for the implementation of the Agro-extractivist Cooperatives and Associations Network of the State of Amazonas (RECABAAM) in Beruri, Amazonas.

More than twenty stakeholders attended the presentation, representing the community-based factories processing the Brazil nut, civil society institutions and state government, including the Institute of Agricultural and Sustainable Forestry Development of the State of Amazonas (IDAM) and the State Secretary of Rural Production (SEPROR).

CSF castanha associação cooperativa Amazonas

Exploring the Blue Economy in Belize

The 2016/17 MAR-L cohort of fellows with speakers and staff at the course. Photo credit: Mélina Soto

In July, the 2016 Fellows cohort of the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership (MAR-L) program gathered one final time in Belize City, Belize. This fourth and final training course included two days of economic concepts and tools taught by CSF’s Training Director, Kim Bonine, and a third day dedicated to guest speaker presentations and Fellows’ project feedback.

Training for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Brazil

TNC and CSF staff gathered in São Paulo for the course. Photo credit: Marion Le Failler

Plataforma Casa Verde, cimientos para la conservación en Bolivia

Photo for PCV Story
CSF Director Técnico de Latinoamérica, Alfonso Malky, presentando en el evento

Integrated landscape management course for leaders from Central Kalimantan Province in Indonesia

Photos of CKal Course
Participants during an interactive game. Photo: Bappeda Kalimantan Tengah

Conservationists from around the world gather at UC Berkeley

2017 International Course Photos
Participants Ximena Vilagrán from Guatemala and Rianti Pangastuti from Indonesia enjoying the sunshine during a class break

CSF Welcomes Gabriel Quijandría as our Director for the Northern Andes-Amazon

Photo for Gabriel PostGabriel Quijandría, Photo Credit: Ministry of the Environment of Peru